United Sewing and Design, a sewing contractor, specializes in proprietary products, prototyping for new products, and small-batch production runs. Our production minimum is one. We primarily manufacture apparel related products including adult sportswear, reenactment costumes, and wearable tech products including medical applications. We focus on applying the most cost-effective methods in a timely manner to arrive at the correct quality for your product.

Our services include:

Located in New England, and 100% woman-owned, United Sewing and Design is an environmentally responsible social enterprise.  We:

  • Employ highly skilled, returning citizens in production processes
  • Recycle or re-purpose 90% of our flexible material scraps (excluding proprietary materials)
  • Recycle or re-purpose 90% of our paper waste (excluding private or proprietary information)

To discover how you or your business can benefit from our sewing contractor services, visit our Solutions page or contact us