Shavoy Banks Camp shirt with pocket detail
Shavoy Banks @nekorb_official Camp shirt with pocket detail

I was looking for a pattern-making guru within Connecticut, someone who had the capabilities to make an idea, and I mean any idea, come to life. Mary Ruth Shields and her team at United Sewing and Design have overcompensated in the realms of craftsmanship, professionalism, and having a genuine urge to help with your production needs. I am most impressed by the turnaround time and punctual schedule they adhere to. I have trusted my vision with her and the team she leads truly & simply because they are that good at what they do. Every attention to detail is far more than appreciated and when meeting, they offer positive feedback and workarounds for any problems you may face. As I continue to expand, I hope that we can continue to build this relationship and create more than meets the eye. At the moment, I am working on my spring collection with her and couldn’t be more excited to see how it unfolds as we work with pastels, browns, and creams. Overall, my personal experience has been more than exceptional. I will continue to do business with her and the team she leads.

― Shavoy Banks @nekorb_official