Lined high waist pant with back zipMy name is Chinnyere McPherson, fashion designer of the brand FASCHINN. I searched high and low for a pattern maker to help grow my fashion line. Although I am a fashion designer, Mary Ruth of United Sewing and Design really helped my brand fine tune our business practices. Our first project was a pair of high waist pants. After some necessary trial error, we came up with the perfect fitting pants which I continue to reuse for reorders and continuous collections. It has become a classic design for my brand. Along with perfecting the original sample, United Sewing and Design also graded the pattern from size 0 to 12. United Sewing and Design┬áhas also assisted FASCHINN with constructing a few pieces from our last collection “Anatomy of a Rose”which came out beautifully! I am excited to see what other magic we can create together.