Colonial suit costume for theatrical productionMary Ruth and her team have done a wonderful job with all the different Masonic costumes and clothing we required for all of our 32 theatrical productions. They made patterns from the samples we gave them, sized up the costumes to fit the larger guys who perform in our dramas, found high quality fabrics and trims, then constructed and delivered everything on time. Her team has done an amazing job for us and all at a very reasonable and competitive price.
Everyone in our group is really impressed and they all look great! We had made 2 new period colonial suits including jackets, vests and breeches, plus 12 new robes and 15 caps. In addition, they also did numerous repairs and alterations to our collection that goes back 160 years of doing performances. We have more costumes in the works because some of the performances have up to and over 180 actors. We never worry because we have confidence that Mary Ruth will make and deliver everything we ask for and with time to spare! We very highly recommend Mary Ruth, her staff and the amazing work they do.

–Jack J. S. Farkas Secretary, and COO

Valley of Bridgeport, Lafayette Consistory for the

Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America