United Sewing and Design is fantastic to work with and has an incredible mission of partnering with and supporting local laborers. Mary Ruth has a vast knowledge and experience of all things textiles, sewing, stitches, patterns, process, and industry contacts, and a genuine interest in my small business. We met several times for consultation, It was so helpful and informative to talk to someone who knows their stuff and could patiently answer all my questions and advise me in the right direction. The product I ordered was delivered on time and at excellent quality. I was lucky to find United Sewing and Design, the support with consultation and product prototyping is exactly what I needed, and was struggling to find. There is one else in New England I am aware of that offers the same level of services.

Andrew Reist/Bellyguard

Shavoy Banks Camp shirt with pocket detail
Shavoy Banks @nekorb_official Camp shirt with pocket detail

I was looking for a pattern-making guru within Connecticut, someone who had the capabilities to make an idea, and I mean any idea, come to life. Mary Ruth Shields and her team at United Sewing and Design have overcompensated in the realms of craftsmanship, professionalism, and having a genuine urge to help with your production needs. I am most impressed by the turnaround time and punctual schedule they adhere to. I have trusted my vision with her and the team she leads truly & simply because they are that good at what they do. Every attention to detail is far more than appreciated and when meeting, they offer positive feedback and workarounds for any problems you may face. As I continue to expand, I hope that we can continue to build this relationship and create more than meets the eye. At the moment, I am working on my spring collection with her and couldn’t be more excited to see how it unfolds as we work with pastels, browns, and creams. Overall, my personal experience has been more than exceptional. I will continue to do business with her and the team she leads.

Shavoy Banks @nekorb_official

“Over the moon happy with my chairs,” is how Patrick, a CT customer, describes our recovering of his chair cushions. So much fun to see them in place! See the before and after photos in this Instagram post.

Colonial suit costume for theatrical productionMary Ruth and her team have done a wonderful job with all the different Masonic costumes and clothing we required for all of our 32 theatrical productions. They made patterns from the samples we gave them, sized up the costumes to fit the larger guys who perform in our dramas, found high quality fabrics and trims, then constructed and delivered everything on time. Her team has done an amazing job for us and all at a very reasonable and competitive price.
Everyone in our group is really impressed and they all look great! We had made 2 new period colonial suits including jackets, vests and breeches, plus 12 new robes and 15 caps. In addition, they also did numerous repairs and alterations to our collection that goes back 160 years of doing performances. We have more costumes in the works because some of the performances have up to and over 180 actors. We never worry because we have confidence that Mary Ruth will make and deliver everything we ask for and with time to spare! We very highly recommend Mary Ruth, her staff and the amazing work they do.

–Jack J. S. Farkas Secretary, and COO

Valley of Bridgeport, Lafayette Consistory for the

Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America

custom jacket for a client sewn from a Japanese Ikat fabric.

I asked Mary Ruth to make me a custom jacket based on the design of one of my favorite jackets using material my father had purchased in Japan in the 60s. She did such a terrific job that I asked her to make me another! Mary Ruth was responsive to my comments and adjusted the pattern as needed to fit the width of the material. She did a magnificent job of matching patterns and the crafts(wo)manship was superb! I would go back to her in a heartbeat.Custom jacket from imported batik print

–Megan Mangum


Castaway Men's Wallet by Green Banana Paper
Castaway Men’s Wallet by Green Banana Paper

We’ve been very happy with Mary Ruth’s sewing and design service. She’s done two products for our company Green Banana Paper. It was great to see our design idea brought to life with great attention to detail and efficiency. Very professional and highly recommended.

Matt Simpson, Green Banana Paper

Lined high waist pant with back zipMy name is Chinnyere McPherson, fashion designer of the brand FASCHINN. I searched high and low for a pattern maker to help grow my fashion line. Although I am a fashion designer, Mary Ruth of United Sewing and Design really helped my brand fine tune our business practices. Our first project was a pair of high waist pants. After some necessary trial error, we came up with the perfect fitting pants which I continue to reuse for reorders and continuous collections. It has become a classic design for my brand. Along with perfecting the original sample, United Sewing and Design also graded the pattern from size 0 to 12. United Sewing and Design┬áhas also assisted FASCHINN with constructing a few pieces from our last collection “Anatomy of a Rose”which came out beautifully! I am excited to see what other magic we can create together.

I am very happy with the new window seat cushion in my daughter’s room! The quality of the work is great and the staff is wonderful to work with. The help I received with planning made me confident that I would get the look I wanted. Would definitely work with United Sewing and Design again!

–Lee Hepple

Custom window seat box cushion in linen with matching welting, back zip