About Mary Ruth Shields

Mary Ruth Shields, Owner of United Sewing and Design, LLCAs the creator and owner of United Sewing and Design, I have established integrity, quality and social impact as the central principles guiding myself and my team members.

I have been working in all facets of manufacturing by sewing for over 40 years. I work closely with each customer as a trusted collaborator in the processes of product development and manufacturing, focusing on and supporting your individual concepts and goals.

In our consultations, I apply my holistic knowledge base including product analysis; materials and construction analysis; costing; market and consumer analysis; and sourcing to move your project to its intended goals.

When you work with me, you also benefit from my career as a practicing artist. I combine hard-nosed business practicality with the artistic sensibilities of craftsmanship and attention to detail, design principles, and the ability to judge the compatibility of materials with your design. This affords you a unique advantage in the manufacturing industry. I use a transparent, step-by-step process to convert your concept, which may not yet be manufacturing ready, into a product that you can be proud of that works for its intended purpose.

For more information about me, visit my LinkedIn profile. Or, read and comment on my blog here.

Industry Garment Construction Methods, the textbook I wrote is a great handbook for designers, merchandisers, and buyers who need to know what construction methods to use and how they relate to quality and costs. I also wrote a book for the Images of America series on the textile industry of the Naugatuck Valley in CT. It includes lots of interesting facts such as the origins of Keds sneakers and Naugahyde as well as the impact of European immigrants on the Valley. Click on the covers below to purchase them on Amazon.

Industry Clothing Construction Methods by Mary Ruth Shields
Naugatuck Valley Textile Industry by Mary Ruth Shields